Top 5 things we like this week

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black pumpkin (Buzzfeed)

1. It’s officially winter, and that means drinking red wine, making stew and wearing scarves.

2. West Elm is coming to the UK! Okay, it’s stupidly going to London instead of Edinburgh, but they might have a website that ships to the scary wild locales of Caledonia (at least two separate companies in the last week have been all ‘Scotland? Where the hell is Scotland’?).

3. MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood is nursing me through an autumnal cold.

4. Pumpkins have taken over Pinterest.

5. I finally used The Hive. They are an online bookshop, which allow you to give a percentage of the profit made on your sale to your local bookshop. The only downside at the moment is that my favourite shops are not yet linked up, but I hope that will change soon and I’d much prefer to support an indie bookshop than support Amazon.