The Illustrator Interviews: Levi Bunyan

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SOPHIE MACKINTOSH:  A lego letterpress? A book jacket made out of wood? These are just two of the innovative ideas dreamed up by Levi, a recent Graphic Design graduate from Grays School of Art. Crisp, modern and colourful, his typography and prints are edgy and stylish – from geometric shapes zinging with colour to a whole parade of exciting fonts.

How long have you been illustrating?

As silly as it may sound, I’ve only really been classing myself as an ‘illustrator’ for the past few months. While I’ve always used illustration within my work, especially in the past two years, I’ve never really classed it as illustration. Does that make sense? I hope so!

What attracted you to the idea of working on a book cover?

One of my favourite projects was working on the bookcover design for James & The Giant Peach. I like the challenge of telling a story in an image, without ruining the story before you read it. I also think walking into a bookshop and seeing something I created on the shelf would be an incredible experience.

Sum up your aesthetic in 3 words:

Structured minimal fun.

If you were an artistic medium, what would you be?

Paper… next to typography, it’s my biggest obsession. Screenprints on beautiful paper, even better!

Do you have a specific working space? Can you describe it for us?

I actually have three. I am currently on a year long residency at Grays School of Art, so I have a studio in the design building, as well as the printmaking building. My studio is actually really messy there as I have notes, acetate and paper everywhere. The walls are covered in imagery that I enjoy. My other studio is at my flat, it’s a lot less chaotic, and neat. The walls are covered in my favourite prints, including stuff from Tim Courtney, Mikey Burton, Kate Moross, Anthony Burrill and WLDWLVS.

And finally, describe for us your perfect map: 

I’ve recently become quite obsessed with working with wood, so I’d have to say that. A map either etched or cut into wood to define the edges, and then painted to finish it off. I think it would have to be inspired by old treasure maps.

Levi is based in Aberdeen.  Follow Levi on twitter @aekido



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