The final cover for FREMONT is…

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Last week we asked you to vote on your favourite cover for Fremont. We received an amazing response and some great feedback from you guys (we love when you leave us comments!). We went by majority vote and can now confirm that the winning cover was Design One (shown on the left).

This design took an immediate lead as the firm favourite, and continued to steam ahead until the poll closed a few days ago. In the end it received over 90% of the vote, making it a clear winner. One of our readers, Dionne Watson, noted:

“I like both but voted for the first design as the second one seems too neat and structured. From the blurb of the story, it seems that something more chaotic seems more fitting. The cracks in the soil under the foundation sof the house – in my opinion – represent the cracks in the family relationships.”


Lesley with Michelle Mone

Our aim was to find a cover that presented the Fremont home as a place of chaos and discord. We also wanted the cover to show the complexity of the novel – an epic story with an ensemble of characters each of whom have their own desires, problems, and personalities. Design One does all of these things. You guys nailed it!

We recently ran into fellow entrepreneur Michelle Mone (founder of MJM International) at a business event, and she was also a fan of Design One. Today the cover was sent off to our retailers (Amazon, Waterstones etc) as the official cover for Fremont, and it was inserted into the eBook, which can be downloaded for FREE on our book page (first three sections).

Remember that you can see Elizabeth Reeder read from Fremont this Sunday at Unbound, Edinburgh International Book Festival from 9pm. More details here.