Elizabeth Reeder

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When Rachel Roanoke sees Hal Fremont across a diner counter, she claims him as her own. Their first date takes place in the registry office, and they set out for the small, suspicious town Hal calls home.

There, in the crumbling hallway of that mock-antebellum house, Rachel and Hal consummate their marriage and start to build their rambunctious brood.

Against their parents’ ill-starred fairytale romance, the Fremont children fight for their territory within the shifting, bitter bonds of family.  In this tale of prejudice, identity and desire, Fremont becomes a map of survival.


“I found Fremont very compelling, a moving and darkly witty family saga unfolding against a mythic landscape. It’s gorgeous, sweeping Americana packed with quirky and memorable characters striving to pursue their hopes and loves and dreams amid intriguing twists and turns.”

ZOE STRACHAN, author of Spin Cycle and Ever Fallen in Love

“This book explores how even the most dysfunctional family can still be a unit, for better or for worse… The writing in this book is great. In fact, it’s probably one of my very favorite things about this book. Even with the difficult subject matter, the book almost has a floating, dream-like sort of feel. It made it really interesting to read this book through the nebulous prose.”

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Headline: Family mapped out in a dream-like fable

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“While the dysfunctional Fremont family have real-life issues to deal with – infidelity, tragedy, prejudice from the local community – there’s a dreamlike logic at work too… a thematically rich subtext working away under the surface, leaving tantalizing but mysterious traces on the narrative… Reeder balances the various levels of her story with surprising effectiveness, while consistently engaging the emotions too”.

- The Herald, Saturday 19 November 2012,  Alastair Mabbott.

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“…[a] twisted, mystical tale…when you’re reading Fremont, no higher purpose creeps in to your mind, because nothing can distract you from the epic, intense and entrancing journey of this beautifully dysfunctional family. There’s no better way to stake your claim as a publisher of brilliant, though-provoking women’s fiction than this”.

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“Fremont is a masterful, shattering examination of that special brand of madness with which only your family can infect you. At times it simmers like Jeffrey Eugenides’s Virgin Suicides; sometimes, the text feels like a lyrical, magical spell, in the fashion of Madeline Miller’s Song of Achilles.

“Read it slowly. It is a story to be savoured, cried over, and celebrated.”

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Elizabeth Reeder

Elizabeth Reeder

Originally from Chicago, Elizabeth Reeder has lived in Glasgow for over fifteen years. She writes fiction, essays and for radio and teaches on the prestigious MLitt Creative Writing at the University of Glasgow. Her first novel, Ramshackle – which Alan Warner described as ‘... knowing, wry and affectionate’ – was published by Freight Books in April 2012. Her essays and short stories have been published in Chapman, PN Review, Kenyon Review, and Gutter Magazine.

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