Serial talkers: join our bite-sized book group

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Here at Kohl, we like to chatter. We try to keep a lid on the talking while we get our work done, but our tea breaks are pretty noisy. Sometimes, in between discussing clothes and films and our dinners, we talk about what we’re reading. We know that you like to talk too, and you’re also busy people with a lot of other things to get through – so we came up with the serial book group.

The Kohl book group doesn’t ask you to read a book a week or even monthly. We send you a chapter or a section every week, in bite-size segments. You can chat about the book whenever you like, and we’ll come and talk back when we’re on a tea break. The author will also pop in when she’s free, you can make new friends, and you get to read the book sooner than everyone else.

This isn’t a new concept, Dickens and Conan Doyle, Henry James and Gustave Flaubert were all originally published in serials, but we think it’s a great format for the digital age. With our ebook serial, we’ve divided our books into smartphone-sized chunks, perfect for reading on the go.

For Fremont, we’re giving you the first three sections free, two months before it’s on general release this October.  You can then download the remaining  instalments from our website for a one off payment of just £4.99 (available from Sunday 26 August).

If you miss the first episode, no problem; we’ll be adding the new text into the existing ebook, so you won’t have a lot of separate chapters cluttering up your e-reader. This means if you join late, you get the text from the beginning. By the end of the series, you’ll have the whole book as one ebook file, so you can easily go back to it if you fancy re-reading it. We’re also offering book group readers a discount on the paperback, because we think the cover art is beautiful enough to make a lovely addition to your home.

Start reading for free now, and join the conversation! Skip over to our book page and get downloading.

Team Kohl x

Ps. Don’t worry if you’re new to ebooks. We’ve provided a helpful tool for you here!