How to: make your own e-reader cover

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To get us even more excited for Kohl’s impending first release, I decided to get on board the trend of making a DIY cover for your Kindle or iPad out of a hardcover book. I was drawn to this one in my local charity shop because the title put me in mind of reading worthy books inside what sounded like a trashy bodice-ripper – a cheeky nod to what e-readers make possible… Plus the pages were very dusty and damaged, so cutting out the pages wasn’t the wrench it could have been. The whole process is surprisingly easy, and here at Kohl HQ we think it looks great!


Apart from your sacrificial book, you will need:

Elastic or ribbon (for the corners)
Heavy-duty scissors or Stanley knife
Decorations (optional, but pretty – try ribbon on the edges of the felt)

Chop out the pages of the book as well as you can, leaving the hardback cover. My book had a dust jacket, so I glued this on to secure it as well.

Lay out the book on the felt, and draw the outline of the book spread out on it. Using a ruler, draw a line approximately 1–2 centimetres inside this template. Cut out the shape of the book along the inside line.

Open up the book and carefully glue the felt in.

Get your elastic or ribbon, and cut pieces approximately 2 inches long (check the corner of your book for accuracy). These will hold your e-reader in place, and so elastic is definitely better for this, as the stretch allows the book to be held in more tightly. Glue these in as tightly as you can.

Decorate, if you feel like it! I used lace for Step Four, and had some left over, so brightened up the borders of the felt a little.

And you’re done – it’s that easy!