Fremont Episodes 1–3

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We’re kicking off our digital book group with a vlog from Elizabeth Reeder, telling some stories about writing Fremont and introducing you to the story.

Download Episodes 1 to 3 here free now!

How it works

Our vlogs don’t give away what happens in each episode, but if you scroll down to the bottom of this post, there are discussion questions and a comments forum for you to have your say on the story so far. I recommend reading the download before you scroll down to avoid any spoilers. There will be a new discussion post each week to go with the new download, so if you’re only on the first episode then you might want to avoid the posts about the next episodes until you’ve caught up. You can always add your own questions and impressions, but we’ve suggested some to get the party started.

Book group chatter

In our discussion questions this week, I’d like to sneak in some techy ones before we get on to the booky questions:

  • Did anyone have any trouble downloading the episode and would you prefer a Kindle-compatible format?
  • Are you enjoying the story so far?
  • What are your thoughts on Rachel and Hal’s first meeting? Would you do what Rachel did?
  • The births of the children makes a big impact on both parents. Which character do you find most sympathetic and does this change as you go along?
  • Racism is a strong theme in the novel. How did you react to the scenes dealing with race issues? Were you surprised at any points?




KohlPublishing moderator

We're working on that just now, so you should be able to read it on Kindle in a few days.


Please can you make it Kindle-compatible?  I don't want to read on my laptop.