Kohl Publishing

Kohl Publishing is an innovative Scottish book publisher based in Glasgow.

Kohl publish books for women. Not chick lit. Books you can think about. Books you wish you’d written. Books that make you shiver. Books that give you ideas. Books that snatch your imagination. Books you’ll love.

We choose books for women who read, think and talk about good writing. We only publish books we love ourselves. We save you time spent searching for the next book and give you something you’ll love reading in that time.

We ask for your advice. We share the steps along the way. We tell you why we chose each book and we listen to your views.

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Team Kohl

Lesley-Ann Dickson Co-Founder / Marketing Director

I’m co-founder of Kohl Publishing. Previous to this venture, I worked in trade and academic publishing and as a journalist for a small newspaper in New York (upstate unfortunately!). At Kohl, I specialise in marketing, sales, PR and web content. Outside Kohl, I’m in the final stages of a PhD at the University of Glasgow where I also teach undergraduate film studies.  A warm welcome to Kohl. Lesley


Leila Cruickshank Co-Founder / Editorial Director

My name is Leila and I’m a book addict. Depriving me of books leads me to read weird things like the backs of shampoo bottles and come over all cross and twitchy. I’m also the other co-founder of Kohl. I worked for an independent publisher for years before deciding that the fun bits of publishing could be a lot more fun if I started up my own company. In order to have the freedom to do this, I turned freelance and I’m now working as an editor, proofreader, project coordinator, website copywriter, marketeer… you name it!


Amazingly Talented Freelancers

Emily Chappell Illustrator

I’m a freelance illustrator based in Glasgow. A whisky-drinking Mancunian in exile, I like all things scratchy – old vinyl, shabby sheds, mis-registered screenprints and a primitive use of pencils and felt tips. I’ve worked on a variety of briefs and don’t conform to style. Shapeshifting from book jackets to murals, to children’s books, then merchandise and logo design. I like a good old fashioned design challenge.

Our Supporters

Kohl Publishing Limited is supported by various entrepreneurial networks in Scotland; Cultural Enterprise Office Starter for 6 Programme, Scottish Institute for Enterprise, PSBT and Entrepreneurial Spark.