A Kohl update – the future and the slush pile

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4694122800_e2bccdb2c9_bDear writers and readers,

It’s been a while since we posted to the website but we’re still alive and kicking. There’s been lots happening behind the scenes at Kohl HQ. Following the success of Fremont, we’ve taken some time out to consider the best ways to take Kohl forward into the future and we strongly believe that ‘publishing less books, really well’ is the ethos we want to nurture at Kohl. As some of our followers/readers/writers will know, outside of Kohl our directors have other exciting endeavours; Lesley is in the final sprint of her PhD, and Leila has recently joined Scottish Book Trust to oversee their print and design. This of course means that we have to spread our time and passion widely. We have therefore decided that we will publish one or two books each year beginning in 2014. We haven’t published a book in 2013 for various complicated personal reasons, some of which we just mentioned (PhDs and new exciting jobs!) but we’ll be back in 2014 with a fantastic novel, which we’ll announce in the new year.

For those of you who have not yet purchased the wonderful Fremont by Elizabeth Reeder, we’re running a £4 off discount on paperbacks for a limited time only. Enter Oct2013discount at the web check-out to receive this discount.

To our writers specifically,

Anyone who has sent in a manuscript to us will not be surprised to hear that we are very, very behind in reading through our submissions pile. We have received hundreds of manuscripts in the last few months, and we have had very little time to sift. In many ways it is easier for both parties when manuscripts are clearly wrong for us, because then we can reject them quickly. It’s all the people who are clearly good writers, writing things we might like very much if we could only read through them, that cause panic when we think of the pile.

So, we have a new plan for submissions. We are going to leave submissions open until the end of November, and then we’re closing them for the year. We will reopen them in January (ah January, month of resolutions – we get more manuscripts in January than any other time of the year!) if we have caught up and replied to all existing submissions.

We also apologise wholeheartedly to everyone who has been waiting an unreasonably long time to hear from us. If you feel forgotten, feel free to email leila@kohlpublishing.com (please use the regular submissions@kohlpublishing.com for sending in new manuscripts). As mentioned, we’re very close to selecting our first book of 2014, however, you could still be in with a shout of being selected for the second – so get your manuscripts over to us by 30 November or wait for the next round!

We are very much looking forward to an exciting 2014!


Lesley and Leila x

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Leila and Lesley